Commissioned by @jochenleen for @botanicsanctuaryantwerp


Mirror polished stainless steel.

Automotive paint.

Ammolite is an organic gemstone found mainly in Canada, in the southern province of Alberta. It’s made from the shells of ammonites, spiral fossils of a squid species that went extinct about 65 million years ago,” Oyen said. “In 1981 it was given official gemstone status by the World Jewelery Confederation. Ammolite is a fossil, a mineral and a gemstone.”

For the artist, the gallery and the luxury hotel, the artwork does not only have visual power and meaning. Ammolite stands for innovation and progress. It has a certainty and purifying effect and happiness, abundance and prosperity to it. In other words,the link with the historic herb garden site, which was revived with the arrival of one of Europe’s most beautiful and successful hotels, is clearly present