In motion (2021) is a meeting between technicality and aesthetics.

The work is made of 68 stainless steel wires of 8 mm that follow a certain curve to the needle point.

Because these threads follow the curve, the work gives the illusion of being in motion.


Location : Bremakker Bilzen

The artwork “in motion” made of 8mm stainless steel wire is a fascinating and unique creation. This sculpture consists of a large amount of stainless steel wires, which are formed in a twisted movement. This movement creates a sense of liveliness and dynamism in the artwork, as if it were in constant motion.

The stainless steel wires are carefully shaped and interwoven to create a largely organic shape. This shape is inspired by the movements of the human body or animals, such as a dancing human or a snake. The stainless steel wires used give the artwork an industrial look, which contrasts with the organic shapes.

The artwork is placed in a public space where it can be viewed from different perspectives, giving the impression that the artwork is in motion. It is a visually impressive creation that impresses on both an aesthetic and a conceptual level.

The artwork “in motion” is a masterpiece of technical skill and creativity. It is an example of how modern technology and materials can be used to create unique and impressive art. It is a wonderful addition to the public space.