Mirror polished stainless steel

W80 X H250 X D80cm

Distortion encourages the viewer to engage with it in a physical way. By inviting the viewer to touch, feel and experience this art, it creates a sense of intimacy and connection between the viewer and the artwork. This creates a unique and personal experience for each viewer, as the artwork takes on a different meaning and significance for each person who interacts with it.

This art creates a sense of shared experience as well, as the viewer is able to connect with the artwork and with those around them. This sense of shared experience is created through the use of tactile materials and interactive elements, which encourage the viewer to engage with the artwork in a way that is both personal and communal.

The artist’s work is not only visually striking but also experiential, inviting the viewer to engage with the artwork and to create their own unique experience. His work encourages the viewer to look beyond the surface and to explore the deeper meaning and significance of the artwork.