Nickel plated bench

Nickel plated bench Steel with nickel finish W250 X H45 X D50cm This bench is expertly crafted by hand, and its unique design features nickel plating and hand-drilled holes that resemble the craters, mountains, and valleys of a distant planet. The bench is made out of high-quality materials that are nickel plated for a sleek […]

The cosmos and the sun

The cosmos and the sun The Concave Artwork in Brass is a stunning representation of the sun and the cosmos. The piece is made entirely of brass, giving it a warm, golden color that evokes the radiance of the sun. The concave design of the artwork creates a mesmerizing effect, as the reflections of light […]

Secret meetings with a unicorn.

Secret meetings with a unicorn. Mirror stainless steel and wénge wooden horn. The skull of a unicorn is a rare and fascinating artifact that has captivated the minds of scientists and mythologists for centuries. Unicorns, as they are commonly depicted in folklore and legend, are said to be magical creatures with a single, spiraled horn […]


IN MOTION In motion (2021) is a meeting between technicality and aesthetics. The work is made of 68 stainless steel wires of 8 mm that follow a certain curve to the needle point. Because these threads follow the curve, the work gives the illusion of being in motion. 500x80x80cm Location : Bremakker Bilzen The artwork […]

Mirror polished stainless steel

Mirror polished stainless steel Untitled 2021 H70 X W30 X D22 cm This artwork is a wonderful example of organic forms. It’s made of mirror polished stainless steel that rises up in an undulating motion, giving it an almost vibrant presence. The lighting applied to it enhances the organic shape and gives the artwork a […]